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Print Workshops

I run print workshops from primary schools across Newcastle and Gateshead to city council day centres introducing relief lino print, monoprint, experimental mark-making and pattern design to a diverse group of people all ages and mixed abilities.
Memory tree workshop consisted of painting a background on the Canvas; printing onto the background; block printing onto many sheets of tissue paper; glueing the tissue onto the tree made by wire; screen printing flowers prints onto fabric; cutting these flowers out and attaching them with wire.
The finished product was hung up in the hallway with a basket underneath for people to take a piece of paper, write a wish or a memory and to hang it on the tree.
'We are each unique & beautiful but together we are a masterpiece!'
Using every staff's and service user's handprints to create a large scale art piece for the entrance of the building.
Fruit Basket Workshop.
Creating 3D objects to print onto and hand-paint.
Block printing aprons, cards, T-towels for a Christmas fair.
Hand-printed Christmas T-towels.
Hand-printed Christmas tote bags.
 Halloween themed stencils ready to be printed.
Hand-printed Halloween bunting.
Shibori dyed T-towels which have then been hand-dyed and then hand-printed onto.
If you are interested in a print class or workshop please feel free to get in touch, I would love to print with you and get creative!

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