Sakura painting 1. Hand painted cherry blossom with a single opened blossom along with some blossom buds attached by interwoven branches.
Sakura Ichi in black frame
Mock up room set of living room with three sakura painting above a white sofa. Sakura 3 to the left, sakura 1 in the centre and sakura 5 to the right.
Sakura painting 3 framed displayed next to three sakura cushions.

Sakura Art Ichi

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Original hand-paintings from the Sakura collection series.
Each painting created using Sakura sticks personally sourced from Nagoya, Japan.
These paintings are truly unique, painted using a mixture of watercolour and gouache paint. There is only one original!

Paper size: 38cm x 48cm (without frame)
Paper: 180gsmBackground: Painted white emulsion

If you have an interior you would like to commission a piece for or have any interior ideas you would like to discuss please email the studio:
*Please note Naruse Design will hold the copyright to any artwork sold.